A wealth of industrial and research expertise 

Do you want
training for your staff?

We connect your business ambitions with our world-class knowledge bases

Want to fund
an industry project?

We deliver cutting-edge research through academic and industrial expertise

Do you need
consultancy work?

Our strategic consultancy service analyses how your business needs can be met

Want to
sponsor a studentship?

Make a difference in a student's life by sponsoring a research project

Corporate training

Bridge skill gaps and transform your team; build more confident and productive teams. 

​Develop the skills your workforce needs and gain a competitive advantage. Our customised learning pathways will help bridge knowledge gaps and drive measurable outcomes.

Whatever your training programme goals and budget are, our business training packages offer flexible options to fit your needs.

Industry-based projects

Bring a creative project to life.

There are many different ways you can fund a project. We deliver cutting-edge research through academic and industrial expertise.

Consultancy work

As a specialist in design engineering and innovation, we put our world-class experts at your disposal.

Business has always been a dynamic environment of change, but it's becoming quicker and faster, and customers expect great experiences from brands when they interact with them. Keeping up with these expectations at scale will determine a brand's success, so it's crucial to ensure you have the right strategy, organisation, and technical capabilities. 

Our strategic consultancy service analyses how your business needs can be met. We can help your organisation to manage change and solve problems, enabling you to operate more efficiently and competitively.

Sponsoring a studentship

Student sponsorship opportunities are available for a wide range of courses. Sponsor a student today and help better target training at areas of particular strategic importance.

Commercially relevant, our postgraduate course is shaped by an Industry Advisory Panel that ensures the content is relevant to employer requirements. The centre collaborates with international best practice organisations such as Procter & Gamble, Cisco, Oxfam, Whirlpool, SAB Miller and IBM to develop new leading-edge tools and innovative product and service solutions.

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